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The Following Rules are to follow and not to be broken

breaking The rules ends up in harsh Punishments , Always figure out that theres

Those who are in higher profile than you are , So dont go too far And follow

Server Rules:

1- Be patient, avoid the spoilers if you don’t want to ruin your game experience. You don’t need to be a scientist or a computer specialist to play this game. You only need to spend some time to understand the game.

2- Ksing and Insulting other players or game masters are not allowed. But once you do one of these things you will be banned for sometime.

3- Don’t be racial, be nice to new players and always try to get new players to our server for more fun and an enjoyable game.

4- Hacking is not allowed. Whoever uses any kind of hacks or cheats will be permanently banned.

5- Feel free to ask for any information. Admins and Game masters will be always helpful and nice to you.

6- Once you see any kind of hacking or abusing game rules, take a screen shot and post it on our forum.

7- Don’t ever ask gm’s or admins for any gear or items. Begging is not allowed.

8- Death lurers will be banned for 24~48 hours.

9- Sinning low level players under 50 is not allowed.

10- Spamming is NOT allowed. Whoever spams will be banned for 24~48 hours.

11- Sinning at bosses is not allowed, punishment will be a 24~64 hours ban.

12- Rebirth killing is not allowed, you will be banned for 24~48 hours if you rebirth kill anyone.

13- Always follow these rules while playing to avoid any problems. Have fun playing our server.

The Crank-Kal Team