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Crank is coming , Crank is Almost Ready , Crank is the way to Realism , Crank is going to give you a piece of active FIGHTS day and night , ITS TIME FOR THE ACTIVE PVP , its time for the troubles to come around , ITS TIME FOR THE DIFFERENT Highrate , A Server that Everyone is capable of playing Not only donaters, A Server that Everyone has a chance to Prove how Skilled he is , A Server that will go all the way with you , A Server that will last long , because THE SERVER TEAM are the long term gods of the game!
#CrankOnline is coming

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    Mohamed Basso Reply
    Jun 15, 2017 @ 20:15 pm

    It Time For me ! Going to return Kal ! hopefully you wouldn’t Dissppoint me ! ye // Basso

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